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Family and Children Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

TBS Program Description
Family and Children Therapeutic Behavioral Services are a supplemental program to an ongoing Specialty Mental Health Service.  TBS interventions are intensive, short-term, home or placement-based, and are 1:1 behavioral interventions. Trained behavioral coaches teach the child, youth, caregivers and/or TAY youth effective coping skills, anger management and mood regulation.  Interventions are strength-based, individualized, short term and culturally sensitive. Clients are eligible if they have Full-scope Medi-Cal and meet medical necessity criteria. ​ 

TBS Providers:

TBS-ID Program Description
TBS-ID is TBS provided by behavioral coaches who demonstrate expertise working therapeutically with clients with intellectual or developmental delays/disabilities and their families. TBS-ID behavioral coaches also work with the San Andreas Regional Center and other system partners to provider client centered care.

TBS Providers for clients with Intellectual Disability or Developmental Delay:

Target Population
Youth with Full Scope Medi-Cal who are up to 21 years old, who are in need of help with very intense behavioral and emotional issues may be eligible for services.  

Referral Process
Behavioral Health Clients with Full Scope Medi-Cal who are already connected with a primary provider may be eligible for services.  The client’s clinician will assess for possible TBS need and make a referral when appropriate.   

Program Contact:

Renee Marquett, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Clinical Psychologist, Lic# PSY27718
Mental Health Program Specialist II
Program Manager for F&C Outpatient (OP), Ethnic OP, 
Intensive OP, TBS & TBS-ID

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Children, Youth and Families
Family & Children’s Services Division
725 E. Santa Clara Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 301
San Jose, CA  95112
Main: 1 (408) 794-0660
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