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Santa Clara County believes pregnant women should avoid using marijuana.
There’s just too much at stake to risk hurting your unborn child.

The research isn’t perfect, but there is evidence that marijuana can cause issues
with your pregnancy and birth, and could create long-term problems for your child.

Our goal is healthy moms and healthy kids. You will decide what is best for
you and your child. We hope the following information helps.



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  Questions & Answers

Q: What if I reduce my marijuana use while I'm pregnant?

A: Using less marijuana is better, but we don’t know how much is too much.
         We think it's best not to use any 
during pregnancy.

Q: Some research included women who also used alcohol and tobacco.
         How can we know what affected 
the babies?

A: It's true, there are flaws in some of the research.
there is enough good evidence to say that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Q: Marijuana is natural so isn't it better than a prescription drug from a doctor?

A:  Marijuana comes from a plant, as does heroin and cocaine.
         Medications given by your doctor have been shown to be 
safe for pregnant women.




Last updated: 8/17/2018 3:25 PM