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Adult and Older Adult Full Service Partnership

Program Description
Adult and Older Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs are for adults ages 18 - 59 and older adults (60+) who have a severe mental illness and need intensive services. Full Service Partnerships are based on the idea of doing “whatever it takes” to help people on their path to wellness and recovery. Full Service Partnerships programs help with jobs, school and temporary housing. Services can be provided in the home and the community. 

FSP Services may include:
Community outreach and engagement 
Cultural and language services 
Therapy and case management 
Peer and parent support services 
24/7 assessment and crisis services 
Self-Help and family support groups 
Support services for education and employment 
Treatment related transportation support
Temporary housing if needed
Assistance with medical care services
Help with obtaining benefits if you qualify
Referrals to payee services 
Access to substance abuse services if needed

Referral Process
This program accepts referrals through the Behavioral Health Call C​enter​​. For more information about this program, or to see if you qualify, please contact the Behavioral Health Call Center at 1-800-704-0900.

If you have an urgent behavioral health need or are in a crisis, please contact Mental Health Urgent Care at 1-408-885-7855.​

Mental Health Urgent Care (MHUC)
871 Enborg Court
San Jose, CA 95128
MHUC services are temporarily relocated to the Central Wellness and Benefits Center building at 2221 Enborg Lane, San Jose CA.
Hours: Monday - Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

If this is a crisis or emergency call 911, and ask for a “CIT officer” (Crisis Intervention Team).

FSP Providers:
Last updated: 4/6/2020 9:44 AM