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The 9th Annual Behavioral Health Community Heroes Awards Nominations


The County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Board is seeking Community Heroes Awards nominees.

Our intent is to recognize eleven (11) members/organizations who have made an extraordinary difference and improved the quality of lives by supporting people and/or their families with behavioral health challenges.  The nomination period will close on February 29, 2020

Please visit the link here to submit a nomination:

Heroes Award Categories:
Agency: An agency whose services for individuals with behavioral health challenges are consumer & family-focused, professional, caring, compassionate, and innovative. The agency goes beyond the standard services/treatment and truly seeks to improve a client’s/consumer’s quality of life.

 An individual who has received behavioral health services, has demonstrated impressive personal achievements and has provided hope, inspiration or knowledge to others facing similar challenges.

 A professional educator who has taken extra steps in providing behavioral health services by going beyond their job description. Nominee may be an instructor, behavioral health professional, coach, counselor, etc.

Elected Official:
 A current elected official who has provided exemplary service in advocating for those with behavioral health challenges and/or is working to eliminate the stigma and stereotypes that surround these diseases.

 A faith-based organization that has provided extraordinary services, which include community support activities.

Family Member:
 An individual who has a family member that receives behavioral health services and who has contributed to improving the lives of families who are impacted by behavioral health challenges through advocacy, programs, or activities that reach beyond their own family circumstances to have an impact on the community and/or service delivery system.

 A Media Community Hero provides helpful information through news outlets, guiding people to appropriate mental health resources.  In their coverage/reporting, they successfully follow the national recommendations and guidelines for reporting on suicide.

Mover and Shaker:
 A person who has recognized critical behavioral health needs in the greater community and​ has created and promoted collaborative, innovative and creative initiatives that serve those in need.

Young Mover and Shaker:
 A person under the age of 26 who has recognized critical behavioral health needs in the greater community and has created and promoted collaborative, innovative and creative initiatives that serve those in need.

 A behavioral health program that provides unique services that have had an extraordinary impact on consumers, family members, and community.

 An individual who has made an impact on the behavioral health community and is not compensated monetarily for their efforts.​

Additional Award Criteria:

A. Behavioral Health Board members and their families are not eligible for nominations.
B. Nominations are preferred for recent activity but a long term activity or service may be recognized.
C. Awards are limited to nomin​ees who either reside in or provide services in the County of Santa Clara.​

All nominations will be reviewed by the Behavioral Health Board Selection Committee and the final award recipients will be voted on by the Behavioral Health Board.  Awards will be presented to the selected recipients at the 9th Annual Behavioral Health Community Heroes Awards on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at Three Flames Restaurant.

For additional information or help with completing the nomination form, please contact: 

Jessie Ferguson I 408.885.3642  I

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