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Application to serve on the Santa Clara County Task Force on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Purpose of the Task Force: To serve as a three-year advisory board to the Board of Supervisors and to provide recommendations with a gender perspective lens regarding County programs and services, to better evaluate the needs of the vulnerable women and girls in the County.

Structure of the Task Force: The Task Force will follow Section 506 of the County’s Charter and consist of nine members. The Board of Supervisors will appoint members as follows:

  1. The Director of the Office of Women’s Policy as Chair of the CEDAW Task Force;
  2. Two representatives from the Commission on the Status of Women, to be nominated by the Commission;
  3. One member from the community appointed by each Supervisor and the County Executive, for a total of six members.
    1. The Board of Supervisors and County Executive shall seek to nominate members of the community with the following areas of expertise:
      1. Economic development and security;
      2. Gender-based violence;
      3. Education and leadership;
      4. Health care issues;
      5. Housing; and
      6. Criminal justice.

The Task Force shall meet twice a calendar year for three years. All business will be conducted during the two-hour scheduled meeting. Material for each meeting will be posted in advance for preparation of meetings. The Office of Women’s Policy will identity focus areas for each meeting.

Upon forming the Task Force the first meeting shall focus on County programs and services for homeless residents and how those services can best meet the needs of homeless women and girls.

Interested in Applying: If you are interested in serving, please complete your application and submit it to the Office of the Clerk of the Board. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by the Clerk and your application will be shared with the County Board of Supervisors, their support staff, and the Office of Women’s Policy. If you have any questions relating to this appointment process, please contact the Office of Women’s Policy CEDAW Task Force staff at 408-299-5142.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Application Information

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