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Child Abuse Council
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Prevention Matters
Exposure to physical abuse, sexual abuse, and child neglect harms children, placing them at high risk for lifelong problems with serious and chronic physical illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, suicidality, sleep disorders, substance abuse, learning and memory problems, and dangerous sexual behaviors. Victims of abuse are at increased risk of further victimization and future violent behavior.  Child neglect and emotional abuse, especially in the form of emotional deprivation, can actually have the most devastating impact on a child's healthy development.
Child abuse and neglect impacts not just the child, but the family, the community and society at large. In fact, child abuse is the core underlying factor to the many ongoing struggles of this community, such as dropout rates, homelessness, high incarceration, and health concerns. The financial burden on other public systems, including child welfare, social services, law enforcement, juvenile justice, and, in particular, education, is staggering. 
"We can stem this epidemic if we commit to a strong response. The long-term negative outcomes of exposure to violence can be prevented, and children exposed to violence can be helped to recover. Children exposed to violence can heal if we identify them early and give them specialized services, evidence-based treatment, and proper care and support. We have the power to end the damage to children from violence and abuse in our country; it does not need to be inevitable."
Report Suspected Child Abuse in Santa Clara County
24-hour toll-free hotline: 1-833-SCC-KIDS
Healthy Relationships Help Kids Thrive!
The best way to confront the problem of child abuse and neglect is to prevent it from happening in the first place by surrounding children with healthy parental, family and community-based relationships that are physically and emotionally safe, respectful, supportive, and never violent or abusive.
What is the Child Abuse Prevention Council?
The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Santa Clara County began as a committee, appointed in 1980 by the county's Board of Supervisors, to address a serious lack of coordination and cooperation among numerous public and private agencies which provided services to child abuse victims and their families.
The Council was reorganized into its present form in 1987. Its members represent many different public and private agencies, community volunteers, a wide range of professional disciplines, a diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and the various geographical areas of the county.
The mission of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Santa Clara County is to prevent and respond to all forms of abuse and neglect through community partnerships, education, collaboration, and advocacy.
Council meetings are open to the public. People who are concerned about child abuse and committed to its prevention are invited to join. People are also invited to join the various Committees of the Council.
Child Abuse Prevention Council Activities:
  • Assess the service needs in the county for the prevention, detection, treatment and legal processing of child abuse cases.
  • Provide a forum for interagency cooperation and coordination.
  • Promote public awareness about the abuse and neglect of children.
  • Recommend improvements in services of families and children.
  • Recommend to the Board of Supervisors where the county's Children's Trust Fund and state and county funds are needed.
  • Invite young people to address the needs of youth in the county.


Email the Child Abuse Prevention Council Coordinator, Becky Manchester Aidlberg, at

Mailing address:

Child Abuse Prevention Council, 70 West Hedding, 10th Floor, San Jose CA 95110.


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