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New Department-Wide Violation Complaint Form

Published on: 5/16/2014 1:23 PM

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This form is for reporting possible code violation concerns occurring within the unincorporated areas inside Santa Clara County's borders and Stanford University and handled by a division in the Department of Planning and Development. If you would like to report a concern outside of the above listed areas, please contact the appropriate jurisdiction.

See our, "How To Report A Concern" page for information on what types of concerns are handled by each office within our department.

Click on page link to learn more on how to submit this form located on our Violation Complaint Form site.

IMPORTANT: Please do not put "jibber-jabber" in the Complainant Name and Phone 1 fields to bypass correctly filling out this form.
The County will make every effort allowed by law to maintain confidentiality.  We do require that you provide us with your contact information so we can contact you, if necessary, for the purpose of locating a hazard or understanding the nature of your concern.