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Immigration and Language Barriers

Problem Statement

In our learnings from past decennial Census counts, primarily the 2010  Census, the Census Bureau undercounted most Immigrants and communities of color. There was also an undercount of other groups such as renters, young children, low income persons, undocumented immigrants and non- English speakers. All populations whom the groups that make up the Immigration Subcommittee serve. The Bureau is now facing additional challenges, such as mistrust in government and has less funding to count more people, therefore relying heavily on online responses to count communities that due to status, language barriers or income limitations face technology accessibility issues. The 2020 Census will shape our communities through funding and Congressional representation for the next decade; It is imperative that the Immigration Subcommittee carries out its proposed plan in order to minimize the risk of an undercount and to ensure that our communities in Santa Clara County have a complete and accurate count in order to get their fair share of funding and representation in congress. ​
Last updated: 3/29/2019 5:09 PM