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Problem St​atement

To the dismay of many advocacy groups, most questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity have been removed from the proposed 2020 Census. Without any plans to gather data on how expansive the LGBTQ+ population is the federal government is rendering this population invisible. If the U.S. Census Bureau does not make efforts to track this community the federal government will have no way to adequately assess the needs of this demographic with consistency or reliability. Counting the LGBTQ+ community is essential for advocates, legislators, and policy makers to advocate on their behalf, and it is critical for establishing statistical disparities. Although the 2020 census will improve the way in which it asks people about their relationships, it will exclude the majority of the LGBTQ+ population. The proposed questions include a distinction between opposite-sex partners and same-sex partners, but leave out most un-partnered​ LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as those who aren’t co-habitating, and bisexual or transgender individuals in opposite sex relationships. Loosing this crucial opportunity to track the LGBTQ+ community’s size, demographics, and needs nationally will likely have an impact on morale, and because sexual orientation and gender identity will not be recognized in the 2020 census many community members may not see much purpose in contributing their time and effort. One of the greatest problems identified in motivating involvement from the LGBTQ+ community thus far is apathy. A second concern our committee has identified is that many unhoused LGBTQ+ community members will be hard to count. According to the 2017 Santa Clara County Homeless Census & Survey, Twenty-nine percent of homeless survey respondents identified as LGBTQ in 2017.  Finally undocumented/DACA and LGBTQ+ community members will be doubly prosecuted with the possible inclusion of the Citizenship question. 
Last updated: 3/29/2019 5:09 PM