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Measure B Transportation Improvement Program


The County of Santa Clara's Measure B Transportation Improvement Program is funded by a November 1996 voter-approved ½ cent general sales tax dollar increment that was in place through April 2006. Measure A, a companion measure on the 1996 ballot, outlined a specific package of transportation improvements for the County which was overwhelmingly approved by the voters in Santa Clara County. The County Board of Supervisors has retained fiscal management and overall program oversight responsibility and has delegated day-to-day implementation of nearly all the transportation projects to the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). The  County Roads Department has been assigned responsibility for implementing certain projects.  With the tax collection ceasing in 2006, the Measure B Transportation Improvement Program is focused primarily on ensuring the completion and formal close-out of related projects, as well as fiscal oversight.   Details of the program by year can be found in the attached Annual Audit Reports.​​​​

Last updated: 6/7/2018 3:50 PM