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Surveillance-Technology and Community-Safety Ordinance

Surveillance Use Policies For Surveillance Technologies Existing As Of July 21, 2016

On June 21, 2016, the Board of Supervisors (“Board”) unanimously approved final adoption of the Surveillance-Technology and Community-Safety Ordinance, which became effective July 21, 2016. County departments with existing surveillance technology as of July 21, 2016 drafted a Surveillance Use Policy (“Policy”) for each technology. Each Policy is required to specify the purpose, authorized and prohibited uses, information/data that can be collected, data access, data protection, data retention, public access, third-party data sharing, training, and oversight mechanisms.

 The Board received the drafted Policies at its January 10, 2017 and April 11, 2017 meetings. One additional draft Policy for existing technology was submitted to the May 9, 2017 Board meeting. At the request of the Finance and Government Operations Committee (“FGOC”), departments are clarifying and revising the drafted Policies for resubmittal to FGOC for discussion, and ultimately to the Board for possible approval. 

The revised draft Policies will be submitted in four groups -- to the May, June, August, and September FGOC meetings. Following public review and comments at those FGOC meetings, input from the FGOC members, and Labor Relations’ notice to unions, revised draft Policies will be submitted to the Board in groups of approximately 10 per Board meeting. The Submission Schedule lists the target dates for submission to FGOC and the Board.

The revised draft Policies will be posted here before they are considered by FGOC or the Board. Specifically, at least ten days before the FGOC meeting date at which a revised draft Policy will be considered, County Administration will post a clean version of that revised draft Policy, as well as a redlined version showing changes since it was preliminarily submitted to the Board in 2017. ​

When Policies are recommended by FGOC to move forward to the Board, the Policies will then be listed under the Board meeting date to which they are submitted.  The Policies will reflect any additional revisions made at the direction of FGOC.  

This list below will have only the most recent version of each Policy that has been submitted to either an FGOC or Board meeting.  The Status Chart attached below shows each of the submittal meeting dates for each Policy.

To view the versions of the Policies as submitted to the May 10, 2018 and May 24, 2018 FGOC meetings (held to June 14, 2018 FGOC), see

To view the versions of the Policies considered at the June 14, 2018 FGOC meeting, see

​To view the versions of the Policies submitted and held without discussion at the June 14, 2018 FGOC meeting, see​

To view the versions of the Policies considered at the August 23, 2018 FGOC meeting, see​


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