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Case Investigation and Contact Tracing (CICT) Dashboard

The table provides information about case investigation and contact tracing efforts by the Public Health Department. Case investigation and contact tracing (CICT) are core interventions used by local and state health departments to control the spread of many communicable diseases, including COVID-19. The primary goals of CICT are to ensure that people who test positive for COIVD-19 are able to safely stay home and away from others and that anyone that may have been exposed is able to safely stay home and not expose more people. The program also works to make sure people who need health care, housing and food assistance, or other supports to safely stay home while they are infectious or exposed to COVID-19 are able to receive them. 

Case investigation and contact tracing is part of the process of supporting patients and warning contacts of exposure in order to stop chains of transmission. Tracking key metrics such as those below can help the Public Health Department improve the effectiveness of this important tool. 

Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Progress Metrics,
August 10 - September 10, 2020

Number of cases reported: 7227
Percent of reported cases that completed an interview: 82%
Percent of elicited contacts that completed an interview: 76%
Percent of cases/contacts requesting any resources: 5.1%
Percent of cases/contacts requesting food: 2.9%
Percent of cases/contacts requesting housing: 3.1%
Percent of cases/contacts requesting household items: 1.1%

Data as of September 14, 2020

Data Notes: Cases are individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 assigned for outreach by the Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team. Contacts are individuals that have been in close proximity to a case during the period when the case may have been infectious. The percentages in this table reflect case investigation and contact tracing activities for people identified during the time period listed that were completed as of the date of update. Elicited contacts refer to the number of contacts that were identified during the interview with a case. Cases and contacts who are identified as Long-Term Care Residents, incarcerated, and/or residing in other jurisdictions are excluded, as these are investigated through different entities.​
Last updated: 9/14/2020 11:36 AM