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COVID-19 Hospital Dashboard

Data in this dashboard provide information on the number of hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Some individuals who become infected with COVID-19 may develop symptoms that require emergency care and receive treatment at a hospital. Other patients with COVID-19 may be in the hospital for unrelated reasons but still require precautions because of their infectious status. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are in special departments within a hospital that are typically reserved for the most critical patients and represent the highest standard level of care available. Non-ICU beds are in departments with levels of care other than ICU. Most Non-ICU beds are acute hospital beds (also called medical-surgical beds or "floor" beds).

Data on hospitalized patients are provided by reporting hospitals and represent a snapshot of the hospitals’ patient census and capacity at that point in time. These data may vary greatly day to day as they are only accurate at the time hospitals report the data. Discharges, transfers, and deaths of patients occur throughout the day, leading to variations in the numbers. The Public Health Department closely monitors the number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 as a vital pulse on the severity of disease in our communities.

Source: Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services

Data Notes: A Person Under Investigation (PUI) is an individual that is believed to have COVID-19 based on symptoms. PUIs are tested for COVID-19 and are treated with similar precautions as a COVID-19 confirmed patient until laboratory results come back negative. New COVID-19 patients represent either newly admitted patients with COVID-19 or PUIs already hospitalized that then test positive for COVID-19. COVID Percent represents the percentage of staffable beds for each level of care that are occupied by patients with COVID-19. Percentages are provided as a rolling 7-day average.


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Last updated: 6/29/2020 3:04 PM