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Non Point Source Pollution Control Program

​The Santa Clara Valley Water District, the County of Santa Clara, and thirteen cities in the Santa Clara Valley have formed the Santa Clara Valley Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program to address storm water pollution requirements. Non-point source pollution includes materials and chemicals which are washed into the storm drain system from a variety of sources which impacts on the water quality of the South Bay.

For more information about storm water pollution or how the industrial permit regulations apply to your facility, please contact:
Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program (SCVURPPP)  Telephone: 1-800-794-2482
Many storm water pollution control activities of the Program are conducted by various agencies of the individual municipalities that together make up the Program. For information on municipal agency requirements and how they can affect you, please contact the Program representative in the city in which you are located. The phone numbers are listed below:
 City of Campbell                         1-408-866-2153
 City of Cupertino                        1-408-777-3242
 City of Los Altos                         1-415-948-1491
 Town of Los Altos Hills                1-415-941-7222
 Town of Los Gatos                      1-408-254-6885
 City of Milpitas                           1-408-942-2366
 City of Monte Sereno                  1-408-354-7635
 City of Mountain View                 1-415-903-6378
 City of Palo Alto                         1-415-329-2129
 City of San Jose                         1-408-945-3000

 City of Santa Clara                     1-408-984-3151
 City of Saratoga                         1-408-867-3438
 City of Sunnyvale                       1-408-730-7426
 Santa Clara County                     1-408-200-5737
 Santa Clara Valley Water District  1-408-265-2600


Last updated: 10/2/2017 4:11 PM