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Public Swimming Pools and Spas Recreational Health Program

Public Pools and Spas FAQs During Shelter-in-Place Order

  • As part of the Shelter in Place order, gatherings are not allowed. Therefore, all pools operating under permit from this office must not allow entry except for the maintenance of the pool.
  • A public pool is any body of water that holds a County of Santa Clara Permit to Operate.
  • Exception: a medical therapy pool which is part of a healthcare facility may continue to operate.

  • YES. Routine maintenance including cleaning, chemical balancing and adjustments only.
  • Not maintaining the chemical balance and filtration may pose other health risks to you and to the community.

  • NO. We are not accepting plan submittals for new projects at this time.

  • Pool construction inspections have been suspended at this time unless delaying completion of the project would pose a safety, security or sanitation risk.
  • Please contact Lisa Flores directly if you have questions on your project.

The recreational health program routinely inspects public swimming pools, including spa pools, hot tubs, and water slides to ensure the public is protected from injury and illness.

In addition, the recreational health program conducts necessary bacteriological and chemical analyses of swimming pool water, reviews the onsite water re-circulation and safety equipment, conducts plan reviews for new and remodeled pools and spas, and issues permits.



*NEW* Maintain Disinfection and pH Levels to Avoid Pool Closure
The Recreational Health program works to prevent the spread of communicable diseases at public recreational water sites, such as pools and spas, and to ensure they are free of safety hazards. This is accomplished through regular inspections of these sites and by communicating standards to the owners and operators of these sites. In some cases, the inspectors may find a condition as an imminent health hazard and order a pool closed for the safety of the users. For instance, California Public Pool Regulations consider INADEQUATE DISINFECTION and IMPROPER pH as two of the conditions requiring these sites to be closed by the local enforcing agent. See Attachments section below for more information regarding required disinfection and pH levels.

Steps of Healthy Swimming

Chemical Irritation of the Eyes and Lungs

Pool Chemical Safety Use


Last updated: 3/24/2020 2:52 PM