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About Us


The County Privacy Office promotes and coordinates enterprise privacy initiatives across the County that strive to balance our growing need to share information with our responsibility to protect it. As our County seeks to leverage data to develop solutions to better serve our residents, the Privacy Office will work to build a culture of privacy through the relationships, processes, and campaigns necessary to elevate best practices in privacy. Both at the County and through establishing a Privacy Center of Excellence, our vision is to bring stakeholders, including residents, government, advocacy organizations, business, and academia together to discuss and develop privacy practices and solutions that better protect people and organizations.

Strategic Priorities

The Privacy Office achieves our vision through the pursuit of five strategic priorities.

  • Advocacy
    The Privacy Office collaborates with the County of Santa Clara Office of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) to stay abreast of emerging issues at local, state, and federal levels related to privacy. When appropriate, the Privacy Office may weigh in on pending federal or state legislation if it aligns with the County’s values and Board of Supervisors approved legislative priorities. The Privacy Office is working to establish a Privacy Center of Excellence that will bring together experts in academia, business, advocacy groups, and government to discuss and develop privacy practices and solutions that better protect people and organizations.
  • Board of Supervisors Policy Committees
    The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has five sub-committees that meet regularly throughout the year. While any of these committees or the entire Board may request to receive reports related to privacy, most commonly, the Finance and Government Operations Committee (FGOC) requests information and reports from the Privacy Office. The agendas and video recordings from all these meetings are available on the Board of Supervisors website. The Privacy Office also speaks, publishes, and provides public information to raise awareness on key issues surrounding privacy and local government.
  • Policies, Governance, Awareness
    The County of Santa Clara operates through several major agencies and departments. The Privacy Office works collaboratively with these entities to promote the privacy of its residents and employees in policies, procedures, and processes across the County. We are currently launching a Privacy Champions Program for employees across County departments, developing County-wide training, and reviewing and updating County policies.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments and Inventory Activities
    One of the Privacy Office’s main functions is to perform privacy impact assessments (PIA) and information inventory activities on County systems. Examples of these activities include an assessment of all databases that store data provided by approved surveillance technologies as well as collaborating with the Chief Information Security Officer’s team and Chief Data Officer’s team as needed. We also respond to and track privacy incidents and data breaches. Additionally, the Privacy Office is responsible for vetting all County Surveillance Use Policies.
  • Special Projects and Reports
    The Privacy Office participates in special projects and produces reports on an as-needed basis. Examples of this type of work include projects with the Census 2020 Program, the Privacy Center of Excellence, facial recognition technology, monitoring and assessment approaches, data sharing coordination and reviews, and policy analysis and development.

The County of Santa Clara Privacy Office is a group member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Contact Us

County of Santa Clara Privacy Office
2460 North 1st Street,
San Jose, CA 95131

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