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Businesses and Pollution Prevention

Stormwater runoff from industrial and commercial properties can be a major source of pollution that affects local waterways. Because stormwater (rainwater runoff) drains directly to waterways without filtration or treatment, controlling potential pollutants at business facilities is key to protecting water quality. 

Our stormwater permits require our program to inspect specific business types to ensure their operations do not release pollutants to the stormdrain system. The CWP's Business Inspection Plan allows us to conduct inspections while providing education and outreach, and enforcement as necessary, to ensure that local businesses meet the pollution prevention requirements in the stormwater permits. 

Businesses with outdoor operations, particularly those that process/store materials or repair/store vehicles outdoors, have the greatest potential to release pollutants. Proper storage of chemicals and materials, cleaning spills and leaks, and the use of covers and barriers can prevent pollutants from washing into stormwater drainage systems. Preparation and training for managing spills and the implementation of common pollution prevention Best Management Practices allow businesses to protect the community and environment while maintaining their own business objectives. 

Check out this flyer ​for more tips on pollution prevention for your business. 

Resources for Specific Business Activities


Last updated: 6/30/2020 1:52 PM