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Clean Water Program

San Martin Water Quality Survey
​Thank you for visiting our Program's website! ​The survey is now closed.

Our Mission

The mission of the Clean Water Program is to protect the creeks and rivers of the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay watersheds by fostering best practices in County operations, promoting increased public awareness of stormwater pollution prevention, and supporting innovative approaches to meet state and federal stormwater regulations.
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Report An Illegal Dumping or Discharge  
Discharge of anything other than clean rainwater into storm drains is illegal because it presents a serious threat to fish, wildlife, drinking water and marine life. The County investigates and enforces legal prohibitions against illegal dumping to the storm drainage system. To report illegal discharges, illegal dumping, or accidental releases to a storm drain, drainage ditch or culvert in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County, please call (408) 918-4600 or email
To report storm drain discharges or illegal dumpings within the City of San Jose, please call (408) 945-3000 or report it online.

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