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Households - How You Can Help

Report An Illegal Dumping or Discharge  
Discharge of anything other than clean rainwater into storm drains is illegal because it presents a serious threat to fish, wildlife, drinking water and marine life. The County investigates and enforces legal prohibitions against illegal dumping to the storm drainage system. To report illegal discharges or accidental releases to a storm drain, drainage ditch or culvert in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County, please call (408) 918-4600 or email

Protecting our local waterways is something everybody can be involved in. The most important part of maintaining clean creeks, rivers, reservoirs and bays, is to assure that only clean water
image courtesy of SCVURPPPbe allowed to flow from your property and into storm drains. It is important to remember that storm drains flow directly into local water bodies with no filtration or treatment. Discharges of pesticides, wash water, sewage, automotive fluids, paint, construction materials, sediment, and food wastes to the storm drain are actually discharging to the nearest natural waterway. Common household activities, like washing your car can adversely impact the sensitive watersheds we live within. You can help protect our creeks, rivers and bays by following these common sense practices: 
  • Do not dump anything into the storm drain, gutter or drainage ditch: Only Rain Down the Drain!​
  • Wash your car at commercial car wash facilities as opposed to washing it in the street or driveway;
  • Clean up outdoor spills with mops or absorbents instead of washing spills into a gutter or storm drain;
  • Eliminate irrigation runoff into storm drains by controlling lawn and garden watering;
  • Do not disturb natural waterways, natural areas, and local creeks;
  • Consider environmentally friendly landscaping and pervious pavement;
  • Make an appointment to drop off Hazardous Household Waste through the County's program.
image courtesy of SCVURPPP image courtesy of SCVURPPP


Last updated: 8/3/2018 9:08 AM