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Photo Contest

Updated on: 7/31/2018 12:24 PM

Supervisor Mike Wasserman's
2018 Summer Photo Contest
Click Here for​​ 2018 Photo Contest Rules​​​​​

Summer 2018 Photo Contest WINNERS

Victoria Pitcher - Gilroy Barn

Kathi Farmer - Sunflowers

Curtis Walker - Morgan Hill Sunset​

Summer 2017 Photo Contest WINNERS
Chih Hsin Wang - Lexington Reservoir.jpg
Chih Hsin Wang​​ - Lexington Reservoir

Leslie Flaherty - Farmers Market Music.jpg

Leslie Flaherty ​- Farmers Market Music

Karen Kung - Calero County Park.jpg
Karen Kung - Calero County Park

Summer 2016 Photo Contest WINNERS
1 Winner -- Welda Lee - Jacob's Farm, Martial Cottle Park.jpg
Jacob's Farm, Martial Cottle Park​ by Welda Lee

1 Winner -- Susan Muston - Ogier Pond.jpg
Ogier Pond by​ Susan Muston

1 Winner - Ronald Horii - Sierra Vista.jpg 
Sierra Vista by 
Ronald Horii 
Summer 2015 Photo Contest WINNERS
County Animal Shelter - Foster Kittens.jpg
photo submitted by Animal Shelter Volunteers

Rennis Kauffman - Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.jpg
photo submitted by Rennis Kauffman

Rebeca Armendariz - Gilroy Sunset.jpg
photo submitted by Rebeca Armendariz 

Summer 2014 Photo Contest WINNERS
Andrea Van Deren-internet.jpg
photo submitted by Andrea Van Deren

Jasmine Crites- internet.jpg
photo submitted by Jasmine Crites

Ronald Horii-internet1.jpg
photo submitted by Ronald Horii

Summer 2013 Photo Contest WINNERS 
photo submitted by Andrea Van Deren,
Honey Bee Stills

Gilroy fun run 2013 no sig.jpg
photo submitted by Laura Wrede,
Summer Fun Run in Gilroy

Checkerspot Butterfly.jpg
photo submitted by Mark Grzan,
Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

Summer 2012 Photo Contest WINNERS 
 Farmer's Market Photo Contest Winner
Lora Schraft_Gilroy.jpg 
photo submitted by Lora Schraft,
Gilroy Spice of Life Farmers' Market
 Farmer's Market Photo Contest Winner
Theresa Mattson_Los Gatos.jpg 
photo submitted by Theresa Mattson,
Los Gatos Farmers' Market
 Farmer's Market Photo Contest Winner
Sam Shueh_orchid1.JPG 
photo submitted by Sam Shueh,
Morgan Hill Farmers' Market
Winter 2011-12 Pet Photo Contest WINNERS
Pet Photo Contest Winner
pet photo contest winner 
 photo submitted by Lacey Haines
 Pet Photo Contest Winner
pet photo contest winner 
 photo submitted by Lennie Randall
 Pet Photo Contest Winner
 photo submitted by Tina Case



Summer 2011 Photo Contest WINNERS
Click here to view the other entries.

Summer 2011 Photo Contest Winner

Photographer: Jessica Sharp
Title: Rucker 2nd Grade Camp out – A Trail to Childhood Memories

Summer 2011 Photo Contest Winner

Photographer: Mary Anne Groen
Title: Morgan Hill Fourth of July Parade

Summer 2011 Photo Contest Winner
Photographer: Marilyn Beaulieu
Title: “Where is their daddy, Mimi?_________________________________________________________
January 2011 Photo Contest WINNERS
Jan 2011 Professional category winner
Cinnabar Hills Bridge 
Photographer: Peter Carter
Title: Cinnabar Hills Bridge

Jan 2011 Amateur category winner
South County 0700 hours 
Photographer: Burga Santiago
Title: South County 0700 hours

Jan 2011 Youth category winner
Vasona Lake 
Photographer: Raj Rai
Title: Vasona Lake

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