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Open Forum: California can end its rape kit backlog

By Cindy Chavez and Jeff Rosen Oct. 4, 2019 

It takes great courage to undergo a forensic rape examination.

When a sexual assault survivor is escorted into that designated room, there is much more at stake than just evidence. There must be dignity. There must be respect. Justice goes well beyond identifying the attacker. The process must be fair, speedy, smart and comprehensive.
One of the many bills Gov. Gavin Newsom must soon decide to either pass or veto is SB22, which requires counties to submit rape kits to laboratories within 20 days and test them no later than 120 days after collection.

The deadline would be a significant improvement over the status quo, and the governor should sign it.
However, Santa Clara County’s experience is proof that counties can do even better…​
Last updated: 10/8/2019 2:34 PM