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Alviso Boat Tour

Updated on: 2/5/2019 2:45 PM

Rediscover the Bay in South Bay

Did you know you can tour the wonders of the San Francisco Bay salt marshes and ponds right here in Santa Clara County for free?

In 2015, I created a pilot program, with the help of our Sheriff’s Office and Parks and Recreation Department, for students to experience the Bay’s natural history, shifting shorelines and the important role wetlands provide as protection from the effects of the changing climate.
Upon success of the pilot program, the County Board of Supervisors approved funding in 2017 to purchase a new 30-foot, 30-passenger pontoon style catamaran.
There are two types of interpretive programs: one for school groups, and another for the general public and community groups.
During my time on the Board, the Alviso slough has become a gateway to the Bay with the addition of boat launch ramps and two floating docks. In 2013, it was designated as the first site on the San Francisco Bay Water Trail and is used by hundreds of boaters and kayakers who navigate through the salt marshes to the open waters of the Bay.
Alviso, which was incorporated into San Jose in 1968, was the major commercial shipping point for the entire South County, transporting hides, redwood and quicksilver from the new Almaden mines all over the world until the railroads took over.   Alviso was also a regular stop for steamboats and stagecoaches and the town bustled with taverns, hotels and stores.
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