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Community Summit on Firearms and Safety

Updated on: 5/7/2018 6:46 PM


Thank You for Attending the Community Summit on Firearms and Safety


We all know that the best solutions to the challenges we face come from the community—especially when we work together. And that's what we did on Saturday, April 28, at the daylong Community Summit on Firearms and Safety at the County Fairgrounds.

Thank you for being one of the 300 who attended the event, including volunteers and facilitators. Thank you to our consultants, Greg Ranstrom and Lawrence Ellis, and the American Leadership Forum for helping us to engage in meaningful dialogue about a volatile subject. 

A big thank you also for the County Offices and Departments that were instrumental in the summit: the County Executive’s Office, the Behavior Health Department, the Public Health Department, the Sheriff’s Office, the District of Attorney’s Office, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Office of Women’s Policy.

Seated at dozens of round tables in the Fairgrounds' Fiesta Hall, attendees of diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and viewpoints explored topics with the understanding that everyone's opinions should be listened to and respected. Participants had committed in advance to engaging in civil discourse about firearms and safety.  And they did.
"I learned something" was a common expression that emerged from the discussions as participants with diverse viewpoints moved through the guided exercises.
And the discussion isn’t over just because the summit is.
The notes from the summit will be compiled and analyzed into a report of findings and recommendations.  The report will be shared with the community as soon as it is ready.
If you didn’t attend the community summit and would like to know more about firearms and safety, we can provide more information. Please call my office at 408-299-5030 or email me at

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