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Highlighted Accomplishments

Created a first-in-the-nation law requiring restaurants to me​​et basic nutritional standards for kids’ meals when offering prizes or other incentives that put media pressure toward improving health of meals industrywide (2010)

Produced a series of comprehensive ordinances to reduce youth smoking and protect residents from secondhand smoke, including banning smoking in multi-unit residences, hotels, and outdoor service areas, classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products, limiting the sale of flavored tobacco, and raising the local tobacco purchasing age to 21 (2010-2015)

Cut the ribbon on the completed $64.6 million 880/280/Stevens Creek interchange upgrade project after securing $10.3 million in state funds to complete the funding needs (2015)

Created an Office of LGBTQ Affairs to meet the unique needs of the LGBTQ community and ensure the smart and efficient use of resources, only the third of its kind in the nation (2015)

Created a central Office of Sustainability to better coordinate the County’s environmental efforts such as running the County Government Center entirely on renewable energy and implementing a zero-waste event policy (2010)

Founded an internal policy committee to address fair representation on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission which resulted in the passage of state legislation that added a seat for the City of San Jose (2010-2012)

Secured funding in the Santa Clara County budget to augment sexual health programs, including expanded STD testing, increased public awareness campaigns, at-home HIV testing, and case management services for homeless individuals with HIV/AIDS (2013)

Spurred the creation of a county-wide reverse-911 system to provide information and instructions to residents in the event of a disaster (2008)

Created a ban on single-use plastic and paper bags and Styrofoam containers at retail establishments in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County (2012)

Crafted programs to collect and properly dispose of pharmaceuticals and medical sharps and require pharmaceutical companies to help cover the costs (2015)

Authored a Green Building Ordinance requiring new or renovated commercial and residential buildings to meet LEED or equivalent standards (2008)

Improved transparency and increased participation for residents by requiring live streaming of Board of Supervisors’ meetings, public reporting of credit card use by elected officials, and online posting County Supervisors’ calendars (2010-2013)

Spurred the formation of a pilot program to create an electronic tool for easy and affordable universal screening for developmental disabilities in all County pediatric settings (2014)

Successfully advocated for more regional funding of bicycle and pedestrian safety programs as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (2010)

Sponsored a gun buyback for Santa Clara County that took 1,116 guns off the street (2013)

Voted for Cap and Trade, Low Carbon Fuel Standards, and stringent greenhouse gas reduction targets as a member of the California Air Resources Board (2009)

Created a voter outreach program to increase voter participation rates, especially among 18-24 year olds, seniors, low-income families, and new citizens (2011)

Authored an ordinance creating Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones that provide tax incentives for using empty and underused parcels as agriculture (2015)

Brought together local partnership between the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District plans to install 100 “Water to Go” water bottle filling stations over three years (2013)

Secured funding to provide an additional deputy sheriff in unincorporated pockets to enhance patrols and address speeding issues (2014)

Became a registered Deputy Commissioner of Marriage for the County and officiated over the first gay and lesbian weddings in the County, performing over 100 same gender wedding ceremonies (2008)

Secured budget funding for a County-wide domestic violence coordinator and the creation of a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Intimate Partner Violence to evaluate the County’s prevention and treatment programs (2014) 

As the first openly-gay member of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, raised the Rainbow Flag over the County Government Center for the first time (2007)

Created a lawn conversion policy that identifies opportunities to convert water-intensive and decorative landscapes on County-owned property to those that use less potable water (2015)

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