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Board Assignments

District 5 Supervisor Joe Simitian currently serves as President of the Board of Supervisors, serves on two standing committees, and two ad hoc Board Task Forces/Committees.  Calendars with scheduled committee meetings, agendas for the meetings, as well as video are available at the links below.

Joe serves as Chair of the Finance and Government Operations Committee

The Finance and Government Operations Committee (FGOC) provides oversight and direction to the County Executive in areas of Finance, Budget, Technology and Capital Projects.  The FGOC maintains the strongest linkage to the budget process, and is tasked with reviewing the budget process and working toward the most efficient and effective process possible.  The FGOC also focuses on identifying cost-saving recommendations through the use of the Board’s independent management auditor, the Harvey Rose Corporation.  The Harvey Rose Corporation conducts an annual review of the Recommended Budget Document to assure its accuracy and to identify areas where savings or additional revenues can be found.  Finally, the FGOC reviews the budgets of the County Executive, County Counsel, Assessor, Registrar of Voters, Information Services Department, Facilities and Fleet, Controller-Treasurer, Tax Collector, Department of Revenue, Clerk Recorder, and the Clerk of the Board. 

Joe serves as Vice-Chair of the Health and Hospital Committee.

The work of the Health and Hospital Committee (HHC) is focused on the operations of a comprehensive health care system that provides prevention, education, and treatment; monitoring the ongoing health status of our County and maintaining a health care safety net for our community’s most vulnerable residents.  This committee reviews the budget recommendations of the following county departments:  Public Health Department, Mental Health Department, Alcohol and Drug Services, Custody Health Services, Community Health Services, Valley Health Plan, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.​

Joe serves as Chair of the Board's Federal Affairs Advocacty Task Force.  

The Federal Affairs advocacy Task Force's purpose is to evaluate, analyze, and inform the Board of Supervisors and the County on changes in Federal policies, legislation, and rule-making having significant impact on the County and to recommend specific actions to counter and/or mitigate such impacts with final approval on the item for the first regular Board meeting in January.

Joe is also one of two members of the Board serving on the Stanford Development Ad Hoc Negotiating Committee.  

The Committee is charged with the responsibility for participating in discussions with representatives from Stanford University to determine if there is a mutually agreeable set of community benefits that might be included as part of the County's consideration of the University's General Use Permit application.  If the University and ad hoc committee come to agreement, it will be memorialized in a development agreement; if they do not, the County's consideration of the University's General Use Permit application will continue along the traditional path. 

Board Policy Committees

Finance and Government Operations Committee—Chair

Health and Hospital Committee—Vice Chair

Other Board Assignments

Association of Bay Area Governments, Executive Board—Alternate

Association of Bay Area Governments, General Assembly—Alternate

Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study Policy Advisory Board—Delegate

County Library District Joint Powers Authority—Delegate

Federal Affairs Advocacy Task Force—Chair

Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District Financing Authority—Delegate

National Association of Counties—Alternate

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency Governing Board—Delegate

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency Implementation Board—Alternate

Valley Medical Center Foundation—Liaison

Valley Transportation Authority El Camino Real Policy Advisory Board—Delegate

West Valley Sanitation District—Alternate

Last updated: 11/29/2018 10:50 AM