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Serving And Including People With Disabilities

Supervisor Simitian has worked with community members to create more opportunities for people with disabilities to be fully included in the community, with access to inclusive housing, employment, and even playgrounds.​

  • All-inclusive playgrounds -- Inclusive playgrounds can be used by all children, regardless of their physical, sensory and cognitive issues, and yet only two such playgrounds exist in Santa Clara County – the Magical Bridge Playground – for which Supervisor Simitian secured County funding  –  and the Rotary PlayGarden. The overwhelming success of these playgrounds led Supervisor Simitian to propose a matching grant program to inspire the creation of additional all-inclusive playgrounds. So far, $15,671,250  in matching funds have been awarded to open all-inclusive playgrounds, and additional funds will be available for application and awards in 2019.  Learn more >>

  • ​Affordable housing -- At Supervisor Simitian’s urging County staff has committed $40 million to build affordable housing for individuals with developmental disabilities, a community unique in its housing and service needs. Units will be developed with supportive services specifically for those living with developmental disabilities in the Very Low Income or Extremely Low Income brackets.​ Learn more >>​

  • ​Ada's Cafe, job training -- With adults with disabilities facing obstacles to full employment, Supervisor Simitian called for funding for Ada’s Café, which creates unique employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. Employees are trained in areas such as food preparation, customer service and other professional skills, interacting with the larger community while also earning a paycheck.  Learn more >>​ 

  • Via Services scholarships -- Via West is a 13-acre residential camp serving children and adults with disabilities. It provides recreation and social experiences to individuals whose disabilities and medical needs preclude them from other camp experiences, while providing critical respite care for caregivers. The County and the City of San Jose provide scholarships for Via West attendees each year for those families without the ability to pay.​  Learn more >>

Last updated: 5/1/2019 1:52 PM