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Lehigh Cement and Permanente Quarry Information

Here you can access public information referred to in the February, 2019 public meeting about Cupertino's Lehigh Cement and Permanente Quarry.   The links below will take you to the individual documents on a new page.  

View a video of the February 28, 2019 meeting here​

1.   Simitian Town Hall Meeting Agenda and Contact List, 2/28/19​

2.   Housing, Land Use, Environment and Transportation Committee Staff Report: Update on Stevens Creek and Lehigh Permanente Quarries, 2/21/19 

3.   Notice of Violation against Lehigh Permanente Quarry, 8/17/18

4.   Letters Regarding Truck Traffic and Sale/Transport of Materials Between Lehigh Permanente and Stevens Creek Quarries
a. City of Cupertino L​etter, 1/31/19
b. Letter from Lehigh Legal Counsel,  2/5/19
c. Letter from Stevens Creek Legal Counsel, 2/5/19 

5.   Notice of Violation against Stevens Creek Quarry, 2/15/19

6.   Lehigh Reclamation Plan Amendment
a. Email from Erika Guerra, Environmental & Land Resources Director, 2/19/19
b. Draft Incomplete Letter to Lehigh Permanente Quarry, 2/20/19

7.  Noise Notices of Violation
a. 5/5/16 Noise Notice of Violation
b. 2/16/17 Noise Notice of Violation
c. 5/16/17 Noise Notice of Violation

8.  Supervisor Simitian’s Memos and Letters Regarding Lehigh
a. 4/1/14 Memo to County Executive Officer regarding Lehigh
b. 7/22/14 Letter to Lehigh regarding performance bond
​c. 3/1/16 Letter to Lehigh regarding voluntary noise reduction measures​

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