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​Restitution means paying back. As defined in a law dictionary, restitution is “the act of making good or giving equivalent for any loss, damage or injury”.

The purpose of restitution is to help victims recover from any financial hardship caused by a criminal activity.​

We can look up a case by docket number, names of defendant or victim, and police report number.​

The District Attorney’s Office does not have a program to pay for your losses but the State of California does. Contact the local VWAC  to see if you qualify and check this web page for more information. The VWAC numbers are listed in contact information on this web site.​

Not in a criminal case, except for a felony violation of PC section 288.

You should first call the Department of Revenue to see if they have your order on file. Their number is listed in contact information on this web site. If there is an order on file and the defendant is on probation you should call DDA Kathy Storton at 792-2796. She handles the restitution payment calendar and may be able to put your case on that calendar.

We have a statement of loss form we can send you or if you have bills and receipts of your loss you may send them in to the Restitution Unit.We will then present your loss information to the court for you.

While prisoners are in CDCR there is a program in place to collect money from their trust accounts. Even after they get out CDCR has made an arrangement with the Franchise Tax Board to try and collect from parolees. You should call the Office of Victim Services at CDCR and verify you have an order. Their number is listed in the contact information.​
In order for CDCR to initiate a collection action they need a certified copy of a restitution order. This can be in the form of an abstract of judgment or a minute order from the court or a CR110. The abstract usually goes with the prisoner to CDCR but sometimes they don’t make it where they are supposed to go. If you need a copy of your order you may obtain one from the court by going to 190 West Hedding street, San Jose, the records unit. If you are unable to do that we may be able to obtain one for you. By law all victims are entitled to a certified copy of their restitution order.​