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Media FAQ



One of the foundational values of the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office is Transparency. To help ensure the community that we serve is well-informed, this Office strives to give the media accurate, consistent and comprehensive information. The criminal system is complex. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything you may not understand about it. There are no dumb questions.
It is our goal to keep our community closely informed about high profile court cases, legal decisions, office policies and issues that weigh upon public safety in Santa Clara County. If you are a member of the working media and would like an interview with the District Attorney, or you need information on a certain case, would like to talk to a specific prosecutor, or are looking for an expert in a certain area of prosecution, please contact our Public Communications Officer Sean Webby at (408)792-2997, or Public Information Officer Cynthia Sumida at (408)792- 2469,  Neither Webby, nor Sumida are "spokespeople." While we can confirm basic information, journalists should rely on prosecutors for quotes and comprehensive information about their cases.
What is The District Attorney's Office?
The Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office prosecutes misdemeanor and felony crimes  throughout the County. It is the largest prosecutors' office in California, north of Los Angeles, serving a population of about 1.8 million.
The District Attorney's Office has more than 550 employees, including 190 deputy district attorneys, 75 investigators, 60 criminalists and 210 support staff. We prosecute approximately 40,000 criminal cases each year. The Office also operates a cutting-edge Crime Laboratory.
How do I find Case Information?
Court files are public records and subject to public inspection, unless they have been sealed by the court. Such records can be viewed and/or copied for a fee during business hours at the Santa Clara County Superior Court. For more information about looking up court records, please contact the Santa Clara County Superior Court at
Note: All Juvenile Court records are confidential. Journalists may petition the court to release juvenile court documents.
How can I request an interview with DA Rosen or a Deputy District Attorney? 
To request an interview, you can call Sean Webby, Public Communications Officer or Cynthia Sumida, Public Information Officer. You may also contact deputy district attorneys directly. Direct phone numbers may be found in the Attorney Directory.
The District Attorney, Chief Assistant DA, and Assistant DA's handle larger policy questions while Deputy District Attorneys handle questions related to specific cases they are handling.
I’m a producer and would like to interview someone from your Office for our “true crime” program. Would this be possible?
We receive numerous requests to participate with “true crime” TV shows and documentaries profiling various crimes that this Office has prosecuted or is prosecuting. While we understand the public interest in such shows, we generally do not participate. When deciding, we weigh a variety of factors that include the integrity of the case, status of appeals, the perspective of the victim’s family, etc. Please note that investigators in this Office are not authorized to give interviews. If you wish to inquire about an interview, please email Sean Webby at with full details about your show and the scope of your request.
How do I get a camera into a courtroom?
California law allows accredited news organizations to videotape/photograph court proceedings in the Superior Court if permitted by the judge. This Office does not handle these requests. Requests  (Form MC500) may be made submitted to the Santa Clara County Superior Court at


How do I get a Spanish-language or foreign language interview?
Please contact Public Communications Officer Sean Webby or Public Information Officer Cynthia Sumida. We can often arrange for a Spanish-speaking prosecutor to give you an interview. Other languages spoken in the Office include Vietnamese, Chinese, French, German, and Armenian.