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Jiffy Lube International Agrees to Remedy Violations of Environmental Regulations at Local Stores

Karyn Sinunu, Assistant District Attorney
Kenneth Rosenblatt, Deputy District Attorney
Environment Protection Unit
(408) 792-2572
For release on March 25, 2004  
The Santa Clara County District Attorney has settled a civil lawsuit against Jiffy Lube International, the largest oil changing service company in Santa Clara County. 
The complaint filed alleges that between March 2001 and January 2002, the County Department of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Compliance Division (HMCD), inspected thirteen stores operated by Jiffy Lube International. The City of Santa Clara Fire Department inspected four other Jiffy Lube International stores in our county. Both agencies detected numerous violations of state regulations designed to protect against discharge of hazardous waste and ensure fire safety. Although none of these lapses resulted in injury, the complaint alleges that Jiffy Lube International failed to remedy these violations over a significant period of time after numerous inspections.
Jiffy Lube International has worked diligently and cooperatively with the District Attorney and HMCD to address the issues raised by the investigation and to remedy those concerns. JiffyLube has admitted to one violation of California Health and Safety Code section 25189.2 and one violation of California Business and Professions Code section 17200 for the period in question, and entered into a negotiated settlement of the complaint. 

The Stipulated Final Judgment, signed by a Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge and filed today, includes an admission of liability and requires Jiffy Lube International to implement a comprehensive training program for its personnel. The judgment also provides for internal audits of its stores by Jiffy Lube International, inspections by outside hazardous waste experts, and inspections by HMCD and the City of Santa Clara Fire Department.
Pursuant to the negotiated settlement, Jiffy Lube International will pay civil penalties and investigative costs in the amount of approximately $179,000 to the County of Santa Clara, the State of California, and the City of Santa Clara. In addition, Jiffy Lube International will contribute $30,000 to a fund managed by the District Attorney’s Office to be used to train local investigators and prosecutors specializing in environmental offenses. The Environmental Protection Unit of the District Attorney’s Office handled this case.
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