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Operation Redwood Targeted Gun Violence in San Jose Neighborhood

For release on May 13, 2019


Sean Webby
Public Communications Officer
(408) 792-2997


After a joint operation in a violence-plagued San Jose neighborhood, South Bay and federal law enforcement agencies today announced they had arrested eight, including a murder suspect; seized drugs and a drug lab; and taken multiple illegal weapons off the streets, including a machine gun.

“Operation Redwood” was launched to stem a rising trend of shootings in San Jose’s Seven Trees neighborhood.

The Operation was launched by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, the FBI, the San Jose Police Department, the County Sheriff’s Office, the Probation Department and the state Department of Parole. The coalition held a public event today at the Seven Trees Community Center to announce the results of the Operation.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said that the successful effort was a direct and collaborative response to a neighborhood at risk.

“We are here in Seven Trees to reduce gun violence in a neighborhood that has seen too much of it,” DA Rosen said. “The people of Seven Trees are rightfully proud of their neighborhood. None of us in law enforcement will allow anyone to turn your streets, your homes, your parks, your schools or your community centers into crime scenes.”

The Operation went into effect in early April, with both federal, state, and local officers serving nine search warrants. In one search, police found and dismantled a fully operational and a dangerous butane honey oil lab in a home with minors in a residential neighborhood. In another location police found $42,000 in cash, a kilogram of cocaine, heroin, eight pistols and an assault rifle. So far, five people face felony charges for such crimes as illegal gun possession and drug sales. During the Operation, officers arrested Jose Ramirez for the December 14, 2018 murder of Nathan Johnson-Harper outside El Rancho Liquors on Almaden Road in San Jose.

DA Rosen also announced that his Office was donating $5,000 to the Franklin McKinley Children’s Initiative, which runs a resource center in the neighborhood and a myriad of youth and community programs.

“Removing guns and dangerous criminals out of our neighborhoods is only part of our job,” the DA said. “We need to put in resources and care.”

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Last updated: 5/13/2019 2:34 PM