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How to Obtain Care

Last modified: 3/1/2012 6:09 PM

A key feature of the system is its centralized point of entry through the Gateway Program, which streamlines service delivery. To receive any DADS managed care alcohol or drug services, all individuals now call Gateway  8AM-5PM Monday to Friday at 1-800-488-9919 for:

  • Information and referral services 
  • Prescreenings for assessment appointments

Skilled treatment personnel prescreen and refer callers to sites throughout the county for a more detailed assessment within 72 hours. These assessments match clients to the level of service they need. During treatment, managed care coordinators are available to review clients' progress with counselors and identify unmet or emerging needs. We have developed a variety of other ancillary services to assist clients not only in their recovery, but also with their ability to manage basic life skills. With these additional benefits, a single treatment episode lasts for as long as a client needs services.

Fees are based on clients' ability to pay for services. The system also accepts Medi-Cal and private insurance.

The First Step To Alcohol & Drug Screening, Information & Referral

FOR SERVICE    8AM - 5PM  Monday - Friday

Gateway arrow1-800-488-9919