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During Discharge Planning When Client is Still in Treatment

Last modified: 3/2/2012 2:02 PM

  1. Give all eligible clients who have (or will have) successfully completed treatment from outpatient Client Information on Post-Treatment Continuous Recovery Monitoring. [Opens to page]

  2. Have client sign the Client Consent for CRM (each treatment site will have their own consent – a SAMPLE is available on this page). System Consent with expiration date = completion of services.

  3. Enter information onto the CRM Client Information Sheet from the discharge paperwork. Use the form to update phone numbers periodically. Record admission and discharge dates from discharge summary.

  4. First contact should occur 14 - 30 days after d/c from primary treatment.

  5. Client is closed (discharged) from active treatment FIRST before being admitted to the Continuous Recovery Monitoring modality. The client is then reopened (admitted) under the Continuous Recovery Monitoring U Code in UNICARE.

  6. Client participation in CRM is entirely voluntary but counselors should inform all clients about the benefits of CRM and its potential to help sustain recovery.