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During Post-Treatment Call Backs

Last modified: 3/2/2012 2:03 PM
  • Prior to the first telephone contact, counselors should complete the CRM Client Information Sheet. This form is completed only once for each client who is opened in the CRM modality.

  • The Call Record should be filled out during each telephone call, irrespective of whether the client was contacted or not. Please follow the instructions as they appear on the form.

  • The section on Telephone Scripts for CRM [Jumps to section] provides guidance on how to proceed with talking to the client about his/her continued recovery.

  • Each subsequent check-up call is decided at the end of each phone call and is based on information gathered from the Status of Recovery Effort –SRE [Jumps to subsection] section in the Call Record.

  • If the score on the SRE is a Level 1 or 2, the counselor and client simply schedule the next call at a particular time and date.

  • If the SRE is at levels 3, 4 or 5, then the Immediate Needs Profile Assessment should be administered over the phone to ascertain the appropriate clinical step.

  • If the client requires brief intervention, a session should be scheduled and entered into UNICARE as Individual Treatment under the Continuous Recovery Monitoring U code.

  • If the client needs to be readmitted at the residential LOC, the CRM LOC should be completed and faxed to the residential placement coordinator. The CRM LOC should also be entered into UNICARE, when it becomes available.

  • If the client needs to be readmitted to outpatient treatment, the client will be scheduled with their same primary counselor. The primary counselor will schedule an appointment for intake within a week. A Welcome to Treatment is not necessary for a client re-entering outpatient from the CRM modality.

  • For readmissions, the counselor should first discharge the client from the CRM modality and then, complete all of the necessary paperwork for admission and opening a new chart.

  • If a client has to be readmitted to treatment, then the client's original chart will be closed.