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Last modified: 3/1/2012 6:09 PM

DADS Says reports are single-page reports summarizing work that Evaluation and Research has done.  All staff members contribute to these reports.

Volume 1 Number 1: SACPA    SACPA clients require more intensive treatment services than originally anticipated.

Volume 1 Number 2: Equity   Hispanic and African American clients overutilize DADS services while Asian Americans are underserved based on equity projections which take need for treatment into account.

Volume 1 Number 3: Primary Substance of Abuse Comparing Bay Area Counties    Santa Clara County had the highest proportion of Methamphetamine abusers and the lowest of Heroin abusers among Bay Area counties in FY 2001.

Volume 2 Number 1: Continuity of Care   DADS’ adult managed care system has increased the proportion of clients who continue from residential to outpatient treatment.  These clients have a greater length of stay in treatment, enhancing their probability of having positive treatment outcomes.

Volume 2 Number 2:   During substance abuse treatment there is a reduction in arrests, which increase again following discharge from treatment.  The client’s prognosis for long term recovery could be improved with an approach that treats substance abuse like a chronic illness that requires constant care and management, as the client would have fewer negative outcomes to contend with and could more fully concentrate on recovery.