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Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System is a Smoke-Free Zone

Last modified: 3/1/2012 6:08 PM

Smoke Free ZoneIn order to support the good health and well-being of the community we serve, the County of Santa Clara has updated its No-Smoking Policy and created smoke-free environments at all County-owned and leased buildings.

Smoking is not allowed on the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center campus, at Valley Health Centers, or at any County owned and operated health facility where patient care is provided. The No-Smoking Zone applies to all areas inside and outside of buildings and applies to all patients, clients, visitors, employees, and contractors.

For County-owned buildings that are not health facilities, like office buildings, smoking is not allowed within 30 feet surrounding the building. This applies to buildings leased by the County where the County is the sole occupant.

Need help to stop smoking?

Health Education Department, Valley Health Plan
Information on resources and referrals 408.793.2780

SCCPHD Tobacco Prevention & Education Program
Recourse referrals for all County residents 408.793.2740

California Smoker’s Helpline:
Free phone consultation, information about quitting smoking and self-help materials.

1.800.No.Butts or 1.800.662.8887
Spanish 1.800.45.No.Fume
Vietnamese 1.800.778.8440
Chewing Tobacco 1.800.844.Chew


Additional Resources:
American Lung Association
Breathe California
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Tobacco Cessation Guideline