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Who are we

​The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) enhances the quality of life of the residents of the County of Santa Clara by protecting public health and safeguarding environmental quality, educating the public to increase environmental awareness, and implementing and enforcing local, state, and federal environmental laws. DEH is comprised of the Consumer Protection Division, Solid Waste Program, the Hazardous Material Program and the Vector Control District. Together DEH regulates the following: retail food safety; public swimming pools; small drinking water systems; onsite wastewater systems; aboveground and underground storage tanks and cleanup oversight; and medical and hazardous materials and waste. In addition, DEH serves as the Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency, prevents disease carried by mosquitoes and helps to ensure safe workplaces for County employees.​

To support the needs of the community we work closely with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (PH) and the Vector Control District (VCD) to coordinate potential threats to the health of the public. The ​Santa Clara County Public Health Department prevents disease and injury and creates environments that promote and protect the community’s health. The District offers a variety of services and education​ to help the public protect themselves from animals and insects which can be harmful to human health.The efforts of DEH, VCD and PH are all focused on keeping a healthier and more informed County of Santa Clara.

This website is designed to serve as a community resource for the general public, the businesses we regulate, students, and environmental health professionals. Its purpose is to address general questions and inquiries about the variety and scope of services provided by the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health (DEH).​​​​


Last updated: 8/5/2019 11:54 AM