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Billing Information

Published on: 11/6/2014 3:08 PM

Effective November 17, 2014: If you owe Victim Restitution, any payments made may be redirected to pay Victim Restitution before any other debt.  Please contact your account representative or call 408-282-3200 if you have further questions.


Payment Due Date
Your Payment is due on your payment due date regardless of your billing cycle date. If you do not receive your courtesy bill, you are still responsible to pay by your due date.


Courtesy Billing Statement

Each month, DOR sends out a courtesy billing statement to all of its clients. There are two billing cycles based on the client’s last name. Last names beginning with “A” to “L” will be mailed on or near the 7th day of each month, whereas names beginning with “M” to “Z” will be mailed on or near the 21st day of each month. Our clients should receive statements within 7–10 days of their billing cycle date.


The initial bill sent to a new client will provide a description of the new charges, transaction dates, amounts owed for each charge, the account number, statement date, a client reference number (usually a Court case number or a hospital medical record number), payment due date and the name and phone number of the account representative servicing the account.
The reverse side of the top of our billing statement contains a variety of information that should be helpful in making your payment and managing your account. The bottom half of our billing statement should be returned in the provided blue reply envelope with your payment to ensure you receive proper credit toward your account. Make sure that DOR's address shows in the envelope window.
Subsequent monthly statements would provide a description of any new charges, adjustments or payments as well as any amounts currently due or past due.
When appropriate, information notices or special instructions will be printed on our monthly statements or delinquent notices immediately under the title: STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.
Delinquent Notices
Our billing process includes the generation of delinquent notices. These notices are different in color from our monthly billing statements and attempt to advise our client of their failure to make payment or contact our office. Every client is encouraged to contact their account representative to advise them of changes in their ability to make scheduled payments.