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Airport Land Use Commission

The Airport Land-Use Commission (ALUC) was established to provide for appropriate development of areas surrounding public airports in Santa Clara County. It is intended to minim​ize the public's exposure to excessive noise and safety hazards, and to ensure that the approaches to airports are kept clear of structures that could pose an aviation safety hazard.



San Jose International



Moffet Federal





Palo Alto



San Martin


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Heliport Land Use Comp​​atibility Plan

In February of 2017, the Santa Clara County ALUC considered and adopted a County-wide Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) policy to calculate density within safety zones for Core and Shell development when a specific floor plan or tenant is unknown.

The basis for the methodology is the LEED default occupancy Index gross square feet per occupant for General Office. The methodology is not intended to be used for independent residential shell development. The methodology replaces recommendations in the CalTrans Division of Aeronautics Airport Land Use Planning Handbook, for development around airports and heliports in Santa Clara County.

Deter​mining Occupancy Density:

If the occupancy count for full-time equivalents (FTEs) is not known, calculate the default occupancy using the following methodology using 250 gross square feet per occupant.


Building Gross Square Feet
–––————–––––––––––––    /  Site Area in Gross Acres  =      People per acre allowance per site.

Example of a 100,000 square foot shell on a 2.5- acres site within the Outer Safety Zone (OSZ) where 300 people per acre is allowed per CLUP policy:

  1. 100,000 sq. ft. bldg. / 250 sq. ft. per occupant = 400 people max. bldg. occupancy
  2. 400 people / 2.5 acres gross site size = 160 people per acre average for the site.

Therefore, 160 people per acre is within the 300 people per acre allowance per CLUP policy.

LEED Default Occupancy Index


The above Airport Specific​ Land Use Plans Supercede the Policies in the County Wide Land Use Plan (below).


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