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The pre-screening process is an optional review for property owners, architects, engineers and developers that provides preliminary project evaluation by County agency staff prior to application submittal.​​​​​​


Process Information
An informal process to address projects early in the development process.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire and Checklist
Information regarding the required forms and information to submit.


Application Materials

Master Application Form
The Main form for most development projects within unincorporated Santa Clara County.
Site Plan
Site Plans
6 sets of plans: must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, dimensioned, and on plan sheet size 11”x17” minimum, collated and folded (additional details are in the checklist).
Assessor's Parcel Map
Available at the Assessor's Office or website.
Optional Information and Materials
Applicants may also submit any other plans, forms, photographs or documents that the applicant believes  could be instructive for the preliminary evaluation of a project. If any such materials are specifically requested by Planning Office staff, they should be included with pre-screening submittal.

Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 11”x 17” minimum. Plan sets shall be collated, stapled and folded.

Associated Fees​​​

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