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Development Permit Revisions & Deferred Submittals


The Department of Planning & Development is only accepting electronic submittals, as paper plan sets cannot be reviewed at this time.

  1. E-mail Revisions or Deferred submittals to (max file size 20mb) and include:
    1. Subject line of the email: “Revision/Deferred Development Submittal” and Original Permit Number ex: Revision Submittal – DEV19-0000.
    2. A completed Development (Building and Grading) Permit Application form.
    3. Digital revised sheets Must have all changes clouded and must comply with Digital Submittal Requirements.
      NOTE: If the revision includes additions or changes to architectural features to original permitted scope of work, a Planning Screening, New Title Sheet, Rebuild Calculations, and fees may be required.
  2. A Permit Technician will verify completeness of submittal, create a Revision/Deferred permit application number, and provide access to the invoice for payment within 2 business days.
    1. If file size exceeds 20mb, files may be submitted/uploaded electronically via InSite Public Portal.
  3. To make payments and continue with submittal process, log into InSite Public Portal. If you already have a user account, or when creating user account, include the user email address(es) on Development Services Intake form.
    1. To create a user account, see Santa Clara County InSite Public User Manual.

Additional Notes:

  • An e-mailed application for a permit is not a permit.
  • This process is not for emergency permits.
  • If a notification is not received within 2 business days from the time the application was e-mailed to us, please email us again at
  • This process is subject to change as improvements are implemented by the Department.
Last updated: 3/15/2021 5:34 PM