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Movable Tiny Homes

Planning clearance for Movable Tiny Homes 

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Checklist (updated 2021 September 8)

Helpful Links for some checklist items


  • If any deed(s) includes an exception or more than one lot, parcel or description, the applicant must note on the deed which parcels, lots, descriptions or exceptions pertain to the lot merger.
  • Each copy of the deed must include the entire deed, with no pages missing.  The copies of the deeds must be clearly readable, with recording dates and numbers clearly shown.
  • Professional assistance maybe required for deed research and document preparation.

Additional Information and Materials that May be Required (consult staff for accurate determination)

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Calculation (-n1)
If the proposed project is located in the –n1 zoning district, a floor area ratio calculation is required to be shown on the submitted site plan as defined in Chapters 1.30 and 3.40 of the Zoning Ordinance. The computation must be calculated, verified, signed and stamped by either a registered civil engineer, a licensed land surveyor or a licensed architect.

Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination
If the subject property is restricted by a Williamson Act contract, file for and obtain a Compatible Use Determination prior to filing the application for Building Site Approval. Refer to the Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination checklist for more details.


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Ordinance Provisions

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Accessory Dwelling
Additional Information about Accessory Dwelling Units

Last updated: 9/9/2021 10:08 AM