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Published on: 2/26/2019 10:10 AM





Permit Status
What is the Status of My Permit? Email our Permit Center to check up on the status of your permit.




  • Agriculture Building Exemption
    The procedure to exempt certain agriculture buildings from requiring a building permit.
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control State License Clearance
    A checklist of documentation required by the Planning Office in order to process your application for Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) State License Clearance.
  • Architecture & Site Approval and ASA Small Project Exemptions
    A review process typically required for commercial, institutional, office, industrial, and multi-family residential uses.
  • Building Permit
    A building permit must be obtained before you construct, enlarge, alter, move, replace, repair, improve, convert, or demolish any building or structure.
  • Building Site Approval
    A procedure generally required for new single-family home construction, and some additions. 
  • Certificate of Compliance
    An affirmation of lot legality after historical review.
  • Demolition Permit
    As well as a Building Permit, a Demolition permit is necessary in order to demolish an existing structure.
  • Design Review
    A review procedure applicable to residential development in specified areas deemed visually sensitive.
  • Drainage Permit
    If your project is creating more than 2,000 square feet of net new impervious area or changing an existing drainage pattern, a drainage permit is required.
  • Event Permit
    Includes Events with Tents, Fireworks, Generators, and several other considerations.
  • Fees
    A list of fees associated with various services our department offers.
  • Fire Marshal Permits and Clearances
    Various permits and clearances issued by the Fire Marshal's Office.
  • Grading Approval
    Checklist and requirements for both the Grading Approval necessary for grading on a property.
  • Grading Permit
    After your project has received Grading Approval from the Planning Office, you are authorized to apply for a Grading Permit.
  • Lot Line Adjustment
    A procedure that provides for the minor alteration of property lines between two or more contiguous lots.
  • Lot Merger
    A procedure to provide for the merger or two or more contiguous lots.
  • Open Space Easement Compatible Use Determination
    An evaluation of proposed uses and development is compatible with an open space easement.
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Permit
    Information and Permitting requirements for a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System
  • Post Approval Monitoring
  • Pre-Screening Process
    The pre-screening process is an optional review for property owners, architects, engineers and developers that provides preliminary project evaluation by County agency staff prior to application submittal.
  • Renewable Energy Permits
    Information and procedures to apply for an Electric-Vehicle charging station, Wind Turbine system, or Fuel Cell Power Generating System
  • Rezoning, Zone Changes,
    and Zoning Interpretation

    Information and procedures to have the zoning of a property interpreted for a specific use, or to apply for a rezoning or zone change for a property.
  • Special Permit
    A special permit is necessary for uses presumed to be generally appropriate within a zoning district, but whose intensity, impact, or other characteristics require discretionary review.
  • Subdivision
    The subdivision procedure provides for the division of land for the purpose of sale, lease, or financing.
  • Temporary Residence
    A bonding procedure to allow for the limited-time occupancy of a mobile home or recreational vehicle during the permitted construction of a dwelling or following a casualty event.
  • Tree Removal
    Information for the permit necessary to remove a protected tree.
  • Underground Utility Waiver
    A petition to evaluate special circumstances that may warrant an exception to the requirement for the underground installation of utilities. 
  • Use Permit
    A permit required for certain intensive uses on a property.
  • Variance
    A discretionary review to consider a request for exceptions from certain development standards.
  • Williamson Act Compatible Use Determination
    An evaluation of proposed uses and development on a Williamson Act contracted property to be compatible with and incidental to the commercial agricultural use as required.