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Planning Resubmittal Procedures

  1. Comments from all reviewers are provided in a comprehensive incomplete letter within 30-days of an application submittal.
  2. Once all revised documents have addressed all the review comments, please contact the project planner via email, so they can initiate the resubmittal process through a Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) videoconference application. Do not email the resubmittal materials to the project planner.
  3. Resubmittal materials should incorporate the following:
    1. A response letter addressing each incomplete comment;
    2. The resubmittal packet must comply with Digital Submittal Requirements;
    3. File names must comply with Naming Convention (see page numbers 12-21 for Planning documents); and
    4. Complete resubmittal plan sets (as we cannot digitally slip-sheet pages).
  4. During the MS Teams meeting, the applicant is expected to share their screen and walk the project planner and other County Staff through their revisions in response to the incomplete letter. Multiple meetings may be necessary if the materials are still incomplete.
  5. Once the materials appear to be acceptable and ready for resubmittal intake, the planner will ask the applicant to share the files using an online file sharing service (DropBox preferred) link that houses the materials, so the materials can be checked and downloaded for County review. The 30-day review period will begin once this link is sent, unless additional fees are required.
  6. If additional fees are required, the 30-day review period will begin when the fees are paid. The applicant will need a public user account in the InSite Public Portal, prior to sending the DropBox link to the planner.
    1. Instructions to create a public user account can be found at the Santa Clara County InSite Public Portal User Manual.
    2. Once the user account is created, the applicant should email the planner requesting to be linked to the Planning Application Record. Email must include:
      1. Email subject line: “Link – Permit Application Number”, ex: Link – PLN20-0000.
      2. Created user account email that is to be linked.
      3. Property address or APN
  7. The applicant will receive an invoice from the planner that can be paid using e-check or credit card. See information on how to make online payments​.

Additional Notes:

  • An​ e-mailed application for a permit is not a permit.
  • This process is not for emergency permits
  • The Department of Planning & Development is only accepting electronic submittals, as paper plan sets cannot be reviewed at this time.
  • This process is subject to change as improvements are implemented by the Department.​
Last updated: 6/15/2020 5:34 PM