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The variance procedure is a discretionary review process to consider requests for exceptions from certain development standards.



Master Application Form

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Checklist [updated 2021 September 08]

A Pre-Application meeting for Variance is mandatory before submitting for formal application. Questions? Call the Planning Office (408) 299-5700.

Helpful Links for some checklist items

Plans must be legibly drawn to an appropriate scale, sheet size 18”x 24” minimum to 24”x36” maximum.  Plans (site plan, floor plan, elevation) shall be stapled as sets, and folded to 9 x 12 inch size.  When additional applications are concurrently being filed (e.g., building site approval, grading permit), submittal items need not be duplicated. 


Additional Information and Materials that May be Required

Geologic Report  (2 copy, plus pdf)

Consult with County Geologist prior to filing application to determine whether a geologic report will be required.  Submittal must include one wet-signed paper document and one electronic document in Adobe pdf format (on CD or DVD).  An additional fee is required for geologic report review.  See also geologic hazards page.

Septic System Plan

If a septic system is proposed, the site must be field-evaluated by a Department of Environmental Health (DEH) representative.  One copy of the site plan should be stamped and signed by the DEH representative.  See also DEH site.

Mailing Labels (1 set)

Required if subject property is located within 300 feet of the exterior boundary of Santa Clara County.

Other Reports and Studies

Depending on location, development intensity and site characteristics, additional reports (e.g. arborist, biology, archaeology, noise) may be required.

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Last updated: 9/9/2021 10:06 AM