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Department of Planning and Development

The mission of the Department of Planning and Development is to protect the county's natural resources; to ensure quality and sustainable community development and affordable housing; and to protect the public health, safety and welfare of our constituents through the application and enforcement of the County of Santa Clara's Ordinance Code and land use policies.​​​​​​​


Due to various training needs, the Department of Planning & Development will be CLOSED on Friday, September 13, 2019.

Due to mandatory off-site training, we will have limited staff available Monday, September 9th through Thursday, September 12th.

We will return to our normal business staffing levels and operating hours, of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, on Monday, September 16, 2019.

Please make any necessary arrangements with staff, in advance.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



Our new InSite is live.

Currently, it is available to make online inspection appointments, and also to report possible violations.

Future updates will be available for customers to be able to initiate request or apply for a permit online or on site; check the status of your project, submit digital documents, and make payments online or on site; get better customer service through smooth & efficient internal routing.



Looking for Property Information? Start Here



Property Profile

A reporting tool designed to provide us​eful information about a parcel's location, jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest. We Also have an Interactive Property Profile, which combines our traditional Property Profile app with an Interactive Map.


What's New


Zoning Amendments Regarding Commercial, Institutional, Recreational, and Industrial Uses in Rural Districts​

The Department of Planning and Development is proposing zoning modifications to subject similar industrial, commercial, recreational, and institutional uses to the same zoning ordinance standards addressing size, scale and intensity of uses, in order to ensure consistency within each individual rural base zoning district.​

Stanford 2018 General Use Permit Application

This is an application for the development entitlement for the next phase of campus land use on Stanford University to extend through the year 2035.

Cordoba Center Draft EIR

The County of Santa Clara has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) to evaluate t​he potential environmental impacts of the proposed Cordoba Center project.
No Graffiti 

Community Preservation Ordinance

In order to protect the public from health and safety hazards and the harm to property values that result from the neglect and deterioration of property, and to preserve the livability, appearance, environment, and social and economic stability of unincorporated Santa Clara County (County), the County is considering adoption of a Community Preservation Ordinance.
Red Phone 

Reporting illegal dumping and graffiti is now easier with the Illegal Dumping Hotline

Residents may now report illegal dumping and graffiti in the unincorporated County to a centralized Illegal Dumping Hotline at 408-299-5770. Depending on the type and location of the violation, staff will rout a service request to the appropriate County department for follow-up. In order to ensure appropriate response, please have the exact address available when calling.

Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Plan

The Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Plan [Valley Agricultural Plan] is a regional effort led by the County of Santa Clara and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) to conserve Santa Clara Valley’s farmland and ranchland as an innovative climate change mitigation and economic development strategy.

Sustainable Landscape Ordinance

The Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) was established to promote water efficiency for new and rehabilitated landscapes.

Lehigh Quarry Information

Permanente Quarry is a limestone and aggregate mining operation and cement plant located in the foothills above Cupertino.
development activity 

Current Development Projects

A list of current development projects subject to public notification, Including:




Popular Picks

Fee Brochure 

Departmental Fees

A list of fees associated with various services our department offers.

Build on or Improve a Property

Item Information about the permitting process and necessary steps to Build or Remodel a House or another structure.
Building Frame 

Building Site Approval Verification Form

If you would like to see if your property is an Approved Building Site, submit the form to our Building Site Approval email address.

GIS Mapping Tools

We create and maintain several maps and mapping applications that can be used to gain information about a property, including development activity, political jurisdictions, hazard areas, land use regulations, and other spatial data.

Permit Status

What is the Status of My Permit? Email our Permit Center to check up on the status of your permit.

Property Profile

A reporting tool designed to provide the public with useful information about a parcel's location, jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest. We Also have an Interactive Property Profile, which combines our traditional Property Profile app with an Interactive Map.
Red Circle 

Report a Violation

How to report a suspected violation
Property Research 

Research a Property

Information in regards to projects on a property, Specific property information, and relevant Maps to a property

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Phone: (408) 299-5770

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