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Department of Planning and Development

Department of Planning and Development Covid-19 Operations and Services

Updated: March 20, 2020 – Updated information is indicated underlined in italics

In light of COVID-19 response measures from the Governor of the State of California and the County Public Health Department, commencing Tuesday, March 17 through Tuesday, April 7, 2020 the Department of Planning and Development will only be providing Essential Public Services. Essential Public Services are those that are necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community. The office will be open during normal business hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to provide essential public services.

To facilitate these measures, all Non-essential staff will be under a “Shelter In Place” directive, working remotely from home. If you need an emergency permit, please call (408) 299-5700 and your call or message will be addressed as soon as possible. For non-emergency inquiries, please fill out the Non-Emergency Inquiry form​. The non-emergency inquiry will be reviewed daily and will be responded to on a case-by-case basis. Please note: our response to your non-emergency inquiry could be delayed.

Building Inspections

We are continuing Building Inspections that are Essential in nature and are being analyzed on a case by case basis.

For example:

  1. Water Heater, Furnaces, electrical services, sanitary sewers, and water services;
  2. Retaining walls essential to prevent landslide;
  3. Erosion Control Monitoring (C6 permit)
  4. Reroofing existing Residences/Dwellings
  5. Fleet and Facilities (FAF) projects
  6. Public Works projects
  7. Medical and Health Care-related facilities
  8. Housing Construction
    1. New Residences and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs); Off-grid occupied Residences with solar photovoltaic, generator or battery storage; Occupied Residences exposed to weather/elements (Note: Including roofs, siding and room additions); Occupied Residences without a kitchen or bathroom;
    2. Property damage – Fire, water damage, etc.;

Covid-19Santa Clara County Public Health information about Covid-19

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department continues to work closely with healthcare providers, hospitals, and its partners to address novel coronavirus. The Health Department is taking action to protect the public and keep the community informed. 


InSite, Our new online permit center, is live.

It is available to make online inspection appointments, and also to report possible violations.

A permit application may be submitted for over the counter types of permits, Project Type 1 permits as shown below. Project Type 1 permits can only be issued electronically to a California licensed contractor.

Project Type 1​

  • AC – Additional
  • AC – New
  • AC – Replacement
  • Electrical Service Change
  • Furnace – Additional
  • Furnace – Replacement
  • Furnace and Duct – Replacement
  • Furnace and Duct – Replacement add AC
  • Re-pipe
  • Re-pipe – Gyp or Gyp and Shear Repair
  • Re-wire
  • Re-wire – Gyp or Gyp and Shear Repair
  • Reroof Comp
  • Reroof oof/Tile/Metal
  • Water Heater Replacement

A signed and uploaded application with the Worker’s Compensation Declaration and Licensed Contractor Declaration found here, are required upon submittal.​

All other permit types are required to be submitted in the Permit Center.

NOTICE: Acceptance of new permit applications have been temporarily suspended, except for permits essential to health, safety, and welfare.

Applicants may use the online permit center to check the status of projects, submit digital documents, and make payments.  Applicants must register for an account and contact the Permit Center ( or call 408-299-5700) to have the user account linked as a contact to the application before access to services noted above can be activated. 



Looking for Property Information? Start Here



Property Profile

A reporting tool designed to provide us​eful information about a parcel's location, jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest. We Also have an Interactive Property Profile, which combines our traditional Property Profile app with an Interactive Map.

Mission Statement​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The mission of the Department of Planning and Development is to serve the residents of Santa Clara County by ensuring safe construction, quality sustainable land development, and protection of the natural resources through the fair and equitable application and enforcement of County policies, ordinances, and regulations, while providing excellent customer service through our four core values:​​​​​​​
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be accountable – Take responsibility
  • Be proactive – Seek solutions
  • Be empathetic, respectful and responsive​

What's New

Stanford Logo
First Public Meeting - February 27, Thursday at 6:30-8:30PM at Paul Brest Hall: East, Minger Building 4, 555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford​, CA 94305
RV Park
The Department is proposing the following amendments to the County’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. ​Eliminate length-of-stay restrictions for RV parks, allowing for both residential and/or recreational purposes; and Amend the provisions to only allow RV Parks in rural zoning districts designated for higher intensity commercial uses.
Quarry Dumptruck
On November 22, 2019, an “Intent to Appeal” was submitted to the State Mining and Geology Board (Board) on behalf of Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Lehigh). The Board declined to accept the appeal.
Accessory Dwelling Unit
A series of California State Laws impacting the development of ADUs go into effect on January 1, 2020. The County updated its Ordinances to reflect these new laws. The new ordinance is effectve March 10, 2020.
Quarry Dumptruck
Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian hosted a Public Information Meeting about Lehigh Southwest Cement - Permanente Quarry on February 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to review and discuss the status of various local, state and federal agency oversight efforts and permits/other approvals necessary for cement plant and quarry operations. It will be held at the Cupertino Community Hall​.
Power Lines
An update to 2019 Reach Codes for Building Electrification, electric vehicle infrastructure, and an FAQ.
Cordoba Center
The project was granted approval at the August 22, 2019 Planning Commission​ meeting. This action was appealed. The public hearing before the Board of Supervisors is tentatively being scheduled for December 17, 2019.
Development Project Map
A list of current development projects subject to public notification, grouped by geographic area.

Popular Picks

Fee Brochure
A list of fees associated with various services our department offers.
House Frame
Item Information about the permitting process and necessary steps to Build or Remodel a House or another structure.
House Frame
If you would like to see if your property is an Approved Building Site, submit the form to our Building Site Approval email address.
What is the Status of My Permit? Email our Permit Center to check up on the status of your permit.
Property Profile
A reporting tool designed to provide the public with useful information about a parcel's location, jurisdiction, General Plan designation, Zoning, and other data of interest. We Also have an Interactive Property Profile, which combines our traditional Property Profile app with an Interactive Map.
GIS Mapping
We create and maintain several maps and mapping applications that can be used to gain information about a property, including development activity, political jurisdictions, hazard areas, land use regulations, and other spatial data.
NO circle
How to report a suspected violation
House Under Magnifying Glass
Information in regards to projects on a property, Specific property information, and relevant Maps to a property

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