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Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP Census 2020)

The 2020 Census Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP) enables invited participants to review and update selected statistical area boundaries for 2020 Census data tabulation following U.S. Census Bureau guidelines and criteria. The Census Bureau also will use the statistical areas defined for the 2020 Census to tabulate data for the annual American Community Survey (ACS) estimates and the Economic Census throughout the decade.

The goal of the PSAP is to define meaningful, relevant statistical areas so that data users can obtain meaningful, relevant small area and place-level statistical data. These data are used to:

  • Prepare grant applications to fund community and regional development, education, agriculture, energy, and environmental programs, as well as other needed community improvements and enhancements.
  • Plan for future community needs.

The statistical geographies available for review under the 2020 Census PSAP include

  • Census Tracts
  • Block Groups>
  • Census Designated Places (CDPs)
  • Census County Divisions (CCDs)

Participation in the program is voluntary. The Census Bureau may modify, and if necessary reject, statistical geographic areas and/or their boundaries submitted by participants that do not meet established criteria and guidelines.

The Santa Clara County Planning Office agreed to act as coordinator for the County, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) acting as the Primary Participant. Contact Greg Bazhaw at 408.299.5776 or email at for more information.

The Census Bureau has provided proposed 2020 Census tracts and block groups for review and update by PSAP participants. Participants may accept the Census Bureau’s 2020 Census tracts and block groups, update the proposed tracts and block groups, or use the 2010 Census statistical area geography as a base to make updates. The Census Bureau recommended changes to tracts and block groups only; they did not provide recommendations for changes to CDPs or CCDs.

The County is required to use the Census Bureau's Geographic Update Partnership Software (GUPS) to delineate updates. We will make changes as requested by interested persons using this software and, when finished with the review, submit the plan to the MTC for submission to the Census Bureau.

The Planning Office deadline for submitting to MTC is May 16. We'll need a few days buffer, so please submit your suggestions to us by May 10, 2019.

The County Planning Office is providing this simple web map to help you review the Proposed Census Bureau changes, and/or to suggest other changes. Use the drawing tools to mark on the map, then create a pdf(s) and submit it/them to Greg Bazhaw for inclusion into the GUPS software. Any issues will be relayed back to the requestor of the proposal.

View these Quick Reference Guides, which provide a snapshot of delineation criteria and guidelines for the four geographic entities.

For more detailed information about PSAP, visit the Census Bureau's website. To review what the County suggested for the 2010 Census, check out PSAP 2010 from ten years ago.

Last updated: 7/8/2019 2:35 PM