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Maps and GIS Data

This page is where you will find links to view our many interactive and reference maps, and to download GIS (Geographic Information System) datasets. We provide many interactive maps, each having a specific function, to aid you in understanding both the County or a particular piece of real property. We also provide most of the data upon which these interactive maps are built, either as direct downloads to use in your own applications and/or as services, which you may utilize when building your own web-based applications.

Interactive Maps

Our interactive maps are constantly being improved, so the look and feel of them, as well as data content, will change over time. These maps use real-time data and are the most up to date maps we provide.

Click to access our GIS Mapping Portal.

Data Downloads

We provide most GIS data used in our Interactive Maps as direct downloads. These data are also used in the daily business of the Department of Planning and Development.

Click to access our GIS Data Download Site.

Data Services

We also provide our data as a "service." These services are for experienced users. They allow access to data for web-mapping applications, or for direct use in GIS software. These services utilize the native database format (typically geodatabases), and some of them can be exported from GIS software as geodatabases.

Click to access our GIS Data Services Site.

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency

The County Planning Office also provides GIS Mapping and Data Services for the Habitat Agency.

Click to access the Habitat Agency Geobrowser.

Click to access the Habitat Agency Official GIS Data Service.

Click to access the Habitat Agency GIS Data Download Site (part of our regular GIS Data Download Site.)


Reference Maps

Our reference maps are useful for many purposes; however, by their very nature, they are static, and are at risk of being outdated. These maps are refreshed periodically. Always confirm your understanding of any particular reference map by using either an interactive map, or checking in with the Planning Office.

Urban Islands Atlas - (8.5 x 11 inch atlas)
A map atlas of the unincorporated urban islands within or adjacent to incorporated cities. 

Santa Clara County and Cities Boundaries Map - (36 x 24 inch)
City, Urban Service Areas, and Sphere of Influence Boundaries

County of Santa Clara Supervisorial District Boundaries Map - (48 x 36 inch)
For best viewing results, save this file to your local computer before viewing.

General Plan Land-Use Map - (48 x 36 inch)
General Plan Use and Area Designations for all areas outside of the cities' Urban Service Areas.  

Zoning Atlas - (17 x 11 inch atlas)
An atlas consisting of 281 map sheets for all zoning within the Unincorporated portions of the County. 


To provide feedback or report issues regarding our Maps or Data services, contact a TeamGIS member via email. ​​​​​​​​

Last updated: 3/2/2021 9:44 PM