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Emergency Medical Services
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Medical Volunteers for Disaster Response

Published on: 12/20/2017 10:02 AM

Program Overview
In 2006, Santa Clara County established the Medical Volunteers for Disaster Response  (MVDR) program as a federally recognized Medical Reserve Corps Unit. The MVDR program abides by federal rules to support their community by providing a variety of resources. As of late 2013, the MVDR cadre consists of over 500 registered members. Ranging in scope of practice—from registered nurses and physicians to social workers and mental health professionals—our strength comes from our program’s diversity. The MVDR program is hosted by the Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Agency.

The purpose of the MVDR is to support medical and health emergency management in three key areas:

  • Medical/Health Emergencies: Events that threaten the public’s health and safety, such as a disease outbreak and medical surge.
  • Mass Casualty Incidents: Disasters that cause injury or threats to large numbers of people. These can include a building collapse, fire, storm, flood, or other event that displaces groups of residents.

    Community Outreach: Opportunities to foster the well-being of local residents, such as health fairs/expos, influenza immunization clinics, or training events.


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