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Published on: 12/20/2017 10:02 AM

Santa Clara County EMS has developed a number of educational resources for the general public as well as the EMS System. The goal for Santa Clara County EMS is to enhance the EMS System's Public Education and Prevention Program while integrating with existing and emerging public education and prevention programs to establish common topics, messages, and channels, ensuring that EMS-relevant public education and prevention messages are emphasized. We know that prevention reduces the incidence of illnesses and critical injuries and contributes to a community’s overall health. Through the prevention component of our mission, the EMS System is working to “put the EMS system out of business.” While this goal will never be achieved, we endeavor to reduce the incidence of illnesses and critical injuries and reduce emergency medical services utilization through education and information.​


Public Service Announcements

These videos can be used as educational tools for any audience.


EMS System Training Videos

These videos are for EMS Stakeholders.


Public Education Material

These flyers and postcards can be used as learning aids for the public.


POLST and DNR Forms


Lifesaving Information For Emergencies (L.I.F.E.) File




Appropriate 911 Use 

Please click on the link above to find information related to appropriate use of 911 services.